Texas Republican Seek To Ban Abortions For Fetuses With Disabilities

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According to The Statesman, state Representative Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) wants to ban women in Texas from seeking abortions because of a fetal disability. The ban would include conditions that are likely to result in the baby’s death soon after birth.

“Dr. Seuss said a person is a person no matter how small. I would submit that a person is a person no matter how sick,” Schaefer said Wednesday during a Capitol hearing on his House Bill 2434. “We don’t kill sick people in the state of Texas.”

The bill would remove an exception in Texas law that allows abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy in the case of a fetus’s life-threatening medical condition. Abortions would also be outlawed if they were sought because of the race, sex, or disability of a fetus and women would be required to be informed of medical and emotional treatment options if their baby has severe physical problems.

ACLU lawyer Anjali Salvador said that Schaefer’s bill is unlikely to pass because it would ban abortion based on a woman’s reasons for seeking the procedure.

“This proposal is unconstitutional, but it is also inhumane,” Salvador said. “These decisions are deeply and profoundly personal, and that’s exactly why they should be left with each woman in consultation with her health care provider,” she continued. “This isn’t about abortion. It’s about making the best choices for their health and their families.”

Erika Galindo, an organizer for the Lilith Fund which helps low-income women pay for abortions, said Schaefer’s bill was cruel. She said the ban would interfere with the ability of a woman to make the best medical decision for her family.

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Only so he can cut funding to rehabilitation of the disabled later...


Funny, but Matt Schaefer looks amazingly like a person who can never get pregnant.

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