Texas Man Shoots At Teens After Stalking, Harassing Them Over BLM Shirt

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69-year-old Santiago Fernandez is now in custody and faces charges of aggravated assault.

ABC 13 reports that a 69-year-old man has been arrested after shooting at two teenagers in Houston, Texas.

  • Harris County Constable Precinct 2 deputies say the incident happened on July 1 in the Piedmont area. Santiago Fernandez, the suspect, questioned two black teenagers who were on their way home from a corner store.
  • Fernandez reportedly asked if one of them was wearing a BLM, or Black Lives Matter, T-shirt. Fernandez then pressed them on whether they supported the movement.
  • The altercation apparently escalated, and Fernandez followed the teenagers as they walked home.
  • During this time, Fernandez fired a gun at the two teenagers, and a nearby doorbell camera recorded the sound of two gunshots.
  • No one was hit by the gunshots. Police arrested Fernandez, and he is now in custody at Harris County Jail.

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Aggravated assault??? Why not attempted murder? Where are the parents demanding Justice from the AG?


That fool isn’t even white! Damn trump making ignorant minorities racists!! How is that even possible?

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