Texas Hits New High For Coronavirus Cases And Hospitalizations


Texas Governor urges people to stay home as cases continue to increase.

According to The Hill, Texas hit a new daily record of 2,622 positive coronavirus cases on Tuesday.

  • Gov. Greg Abbott (R) urged people to stay home “as the state registered the highest number of new hospitalizations...marking the fifth consecutive day of rising hospitalizations,” the report said.
  • The state’s Health and Human Services Department also reported that “2,518 lab-confirmed COVID-19 patients are currently in Texas hospitals, up from 2,326 on Monday.”
  • “Hospitalizations have been on a steady upward trend since May 25, when about 1,500 were hospitalized,” The Hill wrote.

“If you do not need to go out, the best advice is still to stay at home,” Abbott said at a press conference in Austin.

  • On June 3, Abbott had announced that the state would enter its third reopening phase, “allowing restaurants to use 75 percent of their capacity and allowing most businesses to operate at 50 percent capacity or more,” the report continued.

  • Local officials in Travis County, which includes the state capital of Austin, have extended the “Stay Home, Work Safe” order, which expired on June 15, to August 15.
  • Abbott “stressed that the Texas medical system has more than enough capacity to deal with the surge in hospitalizations.” The state reported 14,993 hospital beds, which is a 78 percent increase since mid-March, according to The Hill.

“There has been a nationwide effort...to slow the spread of COVID-19 so we could prevent hospitals from being overrun,” Abbott continued. “That goal has been achieved.” He added, “The increased occupancy of hospital beds, it does raise concerns, but as shown today, there is no reason right now to be alarmed...Even though there are more people hospitalized, we still remain at the lowest threat level [for occupancy].”

  • Abbott “attributed the spike in cases to batched data coming in from ‘congregate settings’ such as prisons and nursing homes,’” wrote The Hill. Abbott reportedly stated that testing in nursing homes is “nearing 100 percent and that more than half of the state’s jail and prison settings had been tested.
  • The governor recently provided an update on Twitter about “Texas’ abundant hospital capacity.”

There are an estimated 36,000 active coronavirus cases in Texas, and nearly 2,000 state residents have died from COVID-19.

Read the full report here.

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I absolutely believe Texas and other Republican states should continue ignoring the COVID numbers and do their reopenings like Trump and Pence encourage. This will provide other more sane states with valuable data to follow as the these states’ populations becomes threatened by the virus. If it gets out of control, the rest of us can sit back, watch, and thank our lucky stars we don’t live in Texas.

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