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Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has been caught on an audio recording on May 1st saying that reopening the state's businesses will "actually will lead to an increase in spread" of the coronavirus, reports the San Antonio Current. This comes after the governor has taken steps to reopen the state economy.

"It never can be to keep transmission down to zero because there's always going to be, with a rapidly transmittable disease like this, there will always be a level of transmission.... The goal is to reopen using strategies, that are proven strategies that can continue to contain the spread of COVID-19. These are strategies that have proven effective in the state of Texas for the past month and a half."

On the 1st, Gov. Abbott decided to let restaurants open at 25% capacity and plans to open more and more as weeks go by. The day before the governor announced reopening plans, more than 1,000 people tested positive the same day.

“Gov. Abbott is trying to normalize an increase in cases to make people think the illnesses and deaths are not surprising. He wants to say this isn’t news. Really? There is no bigger news than a government leader confessing to us that there will be an increase in illnesses and deaths from his actions. Texans are concerned for their families, neighbors, and communities, yet Gov. Abbott plows ahead while following orders from Donald Trump." Texas Senior Strategist Glenn W. Smith told the Current in an email.

A poll by the University of Texas shows that residents aren’t so sure about reopening. It showed that two-thirds of the state's registered voters agreed with suspending nonessential business operations and more than three-quarters support stay-at-home orders.

Gov. Abbott seems perfectly comfortable with letting Texans die.

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