Texas Church Turns Away Volunteer After Learning She Is A Jewish Lesbian

A Texas Church turned away a volunteer after learning that she was Jewish and in a same-sex relationship.

The volunteer, Carmen Hix, responded publicly after the incident. (h/t Patheos)


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No matter what he and his church choose to believe, Christs command to service towards others, and UNIVERSAL LOVE, prohibits his attitude and actions. Our Savior said that judgemwnt was the Lords, and that we are to love everybody as our selves. He doesn't think he needs to change (tho he's wrong), he shouldn't expect others to change, either. The beam-and-mote sermon was aimed at those like himself. It's not like she and her partner had shown up together and began necking. (For the record, NO BODY SHOULD DO THAT IN PUBLIC, the point is they weren't engaging in private behavior) And objecting to the faith of his Savior is just nutsy. Hooe she finds a better faith community than this!