Texans Received Fake Mailers Warning Of Fines For Displaying Beto O’Rourke Signs

The fake mailer told recipients they could be fined $500 for displaying signs supportive of the Democratic candidate.

An unknown person or entity reportedly sent out a fake mailer in Texas warning residents they could be fined $500 for placing signs supporting Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke in their yards, according to the Statesman.

> The letter, recently obtained by the Texas Civil Rights Project, features a “CITATION WARNING,” “quick facts about” O’Rourke and a ”‘BETO’ REALITY CHECK” that includes the comments “NOT HISPANIC,” “FELONY ARREST RECORD,” “INSIDER TRADING VIOLATIONS,” “FATHER’S DRUG SCANDAL” and “FAMILY BUSINESS FEDERALLY PROSECUTED,” according to images of the letter the organization shared on social media Tuesday. The letter appears to end with “These issues have not been effectively reported to Texas voters.”


> The envelope for the letter had a fake Austin return address, the organization’s voting rights legal director, Beth Stevens, told the American-Statesman. It appears the letter was processed and sent through a post office in North Houston, she said.

The campaign for Republican Senator Ted Cruz — against whom O’Rourke is running — said it was not responsible for the mailer.

Stevens told the Statesman the organization has contacted the Texas secretary of state’s office and might investigate the matter further with the help of law enforcement.

> Texas residents can’t be fined for placing political signs on their own property, and “materials suggesting otherwise are fake and should be ignored,” the secretary of state’s office said in a statement spokesman Sam Taylor shared with the Statesman Wednesday.