Tennessee County Commissioner Complains That White Men Have “Very Few Rights”

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“NEW: “We got a QUEER running for President... the white man has very few rights.” Watch @SevierCounty Commissioner Warren Hurst’s homophobic, bigoted outburst Monday, telling folks to “wake up”. Mayor’s office: 865-453-6136 Hurst: 865-453-8513 WVLT: https://t.co/GFwJLqehUf https://t.co/bfXrAACfPh”


Sevier County Commissioner Warren Hurst failed to detail exactly which rights have been taken away from white men.

White men in America have “very few rights” today, according to Sevier County Commissioner Warren Hurst.

The Tennessee official also derided Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg, saying an openly gay man running for president is “about as ugly as you can get,” The Hill reported.

Hurst made his comments as the body prepared to vote on becoming a gun sanctuary city. “It's time we wake up people. It's time, it's past time,” he said during the meeting, video of which was reported by local CBS affiliate WVLT.

"I'm not prejudice, a white male in this country has very few rights and they're getting took more every day,” Hurst said, though he failed to elaborate on exactly which rights he had lost.

Hurst then moved onto the Democratic presidential candidates:

“We got a queer running for president, if that ain't about as ugly as you can get," Hurst said, according to WVLT. "Look what we got running for president in the Democratic party. We can go over here to Hoss's jail [Sevier County Sheriff] and get better people out of there than those running for democratic to be President of the United States."

The local news station reported that one woman left while Hurst spoke, but the official was applauded by others in the audience.

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