Ted Cruz Paid Cambridge Analytica Nearly $6 Million

Michael Vadon/Flickr

The Cruz campaign says it was assured that the firm's methods were above-board, even after reports to the contrary.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Senator Ted Cruz's campaign paid nearly $6 million to Cambridge Analytica for a handful of services.

Though reports surfaced as early as December 2015 that the firm was using unsuspecting Facebook users' data to compile personality profiles for targeted campaign ads, the Cruz campaign continued its partnership with Cambridge Analytica until Cruz dropped from the race in May of 2016.

At that point, both Cambridge Analytica and its co-founder, Robert Mercer, shifted support to the Trump campaign.

The Cruz campaign paid Cambridge Analytica $5.8 million between July 2015 and June 2016 for services that included "voter ID targeting," "voter modeling" and "survey research/donor modeling," according to the campaign's FEC reports.

Cruz's leadership PAC, the Jobs Growth and Freedom Fund, paid the firm $133,000 more in October 2014, for a total of $5.94 million.

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said the firm assured the Cruz campaign that its methods were above-board and that eventual claims to the contrary were false:

She said the campaign's contract with the firm included explicit assurances "that all data used by them were obtained legally, that they would conduct their operations 'in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations,' and that they 'hold all necessary permits, licenses and consents to conduct its operations.' The campaign relied upon those representations."

And she said, Cambridge Analytica reiterated those assurances after the reports in late 2015.

When Cruz dropped out of the presidential race, Cambridge Analytica went to work for the Trump campaign, which paid the firm $5.9 million for "data management" from June through December 2016.

The total is $7.4 million including payments from "Make America Number 1," a Super PAC funded mostly by Trump's largest donor, Mercer, and controlled by his daughter, Rebekah Mercer.