Teacher Fired After Students Discover He’s A White Supremacist

Screengrab/Marty TV/YouTube

Gregory Conte used an alias on social media where he espoused alt-right views.

Gregory Conte, a substitute teacher and field hockey coach at Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, Maryland, has been dismissed from his duties after it was discovered that he used an online alias to involve himself with the alt-right movement, including Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute.

According to Fox 5 D.C.,

Conte, who appears to go by Gregory Ritter on Twitter, has several controversial tweets on his Twitter, including remarks about how "Hitler did not commit any crimes" and several links back to an alt-right website. According to the page, he is affiliated with the National Policy Institute in Alexandria, which many consider to be a white nationalist group.

School officials concluded that Conte had not adversely affected students with his views, which were discovered in October of 2016.

When FOX 5 asked why the school waited until January to inform parents, the school said it would not be commenting further.

"The school is just trying to protect its own position," said Conte. "I get why they are doing that. They are doing it because they are put in an awkward position where they have employed somebody with whom they had no problem and whose views did not at all adversely affect their school’s operations."