Syrian War Criminal Bashar Al-Assad Calls Trump “The Best American President” BY 4.0


“What do we want more than a transparent foe?" Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday of President Trump.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday that President Donald Trump is the best type of American president because he is transparent, according to NBC News.

In a clip from Syria TV, Assad laments that previous U.S. presidents have claimed to promote human rights and “American values” as a ruse to secure U.S. interests such as oil.

“I’ll tell you [Trump] is the best American president. Why? Not because his policies are good,” Assad said. “But Because he’s the most transparent president.”

“All American presidents commit crimes and end up taking the Nobel Prize,” he continued, saying they “appear as a defender of human rights.”

They are a “group of criminals” in reality, Assad said, who represent American lobbies. He went on to list weapons and oil as industries to which U.S. presidents cater.

But Trump is transparent, Assad said, because he simply comes out and says, “We want the oil.”

“What do we want more than a transparent foe?” the Syrian president concluded.


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Would love to take that smirk off his criminal F face.


The worlds Dictators are forming a coalition to have complete control of the planet, don't laugh, I know it sounds crazy, but it is becoming clearer as I watch trump maneuver...…..He loves Authoritarians and hates our Democratic allies, it's clear. With the American President in their pocket a new world order is possible, total power and wealth beyond Trumps wildest for him..

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