Susan Collins Won’t Endorse Trump Because She Faces “A Difficult Race”

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Sen. Susan Collins has refused to endorse President Trump, claiming it is due to the "difficult race" she faces.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said she would not endorse President Donald Trump for reelection because she is facing her own “difficult race,” CNN reported in July.

  • Collins indicated she only chose sides in the last presidential election because she herself was not on the ballot, the outlet reported. She told reporters at the time, "I didn't have my own race to worry about at that point."
  • However, CNN noted that Collins took a different route in her 2008 Senate race, choosing to endorse Republican Sen. John McCain over then-Sen. Barack Obama.
  • Asked to explain the discrepancy, the Maine Republican told CNN in July, "As I said, I have a difficult race. And I am concentrating my efforts on that race." Collins added that she and McCain also had been close friends.
  • Collins had previously noted that Trump divides the state, saying that "in parts of the state President Trump is very popular, in parts of the state he's very unpopular."

American Independent noted at the time of CNN’s report that Collins does in fact have a difficult race this election

  • “A poll of Maine voters conducted by Public Policy Polling July 2-3 found the Democratic candidate for the Senate seat, Maine House of Representatives Speaker Sara Gideon, leading Collins 46% to 42%,” the publication reported.
  • The report also observed that “Gideon has raised more money for her campaign than Collins in the past two quarters,” adding that “Several of Collins' former backers have switched sides for this race.”
  • However, it might be Trump that presents the biggest challenge for Collins: “The same July poll that showed her trailing Gideon also found Joe Biden leading Donald Trump among Maine voters by a margin of 53% to 42%.”

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