Susan Collins Openly Backing Pro-Q-Anon Candidates In Local Maine Races

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Kevin Bushey and Brian Redmond, both military veterans, believe in QAnon and that a political bloodbath is imminent.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is financially supporting two Republicans running for the Maine legislature who are deeply committed to the QAnon conspiracy, “the perverse conspiracy theory whose adherents are considered a domestic terror threat by the FBI,” Mainer reports.

Kevin Bushey and Brian Redmond, the QAnon believers supported by Collins, are both military veterans who eagerly anticipate a political bloodbath will soon erupt nationwide, ultimately leading to arrests, military trials, and “God-declared executions” for “traitors” like top Democratic politicians and donors, socialists, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter and Sunrise Movement activists.

Last month, Collins’ personal political action committee, Dirigo PAC, contributed $400 each to Bushey and Redmond. Both are challenging Democratic incumbents for seats in the Maine House of Representatives representing parts of Aroostook County — the poverty-plagued, northernmost area of the state, where Collins was born and raised. The Maine GOP’s campaign fund for House races also gave Bushey and Redmond $400 each last month. For Redmond, those contributions amount to more than half the money his campaign has raised so far.

  • Dirigo PAC, Collins’ personal political action committee, contributed $400 each to Bushey and Redmond’s campaigns last month.
  • “The Maine GOP’s campaign fund for House races also gave Bushey and Redmond $400 each last month," Mainer reported.
  • Before Redmond’s Twitter account was banned in early October, his cover photo displayed “Q’s Army/Irregular Warfare Division,” along with the QAnon motto “WWG1WGA,” short for “Where We Go One We Go All.”
  • Redmond said he was “hooked right off the bat” when he first encountered the QAnon conspiracy theory.

“What I understand about the QAnon program is that the military is going to need to intervene eventually,” Redmond said. Asked what he meant by “military intervention,” he explained: “Nazis never lost World War II. [Nazism] was dissolved, they were consumed into the U.S.A., and the rich, cultist, Satanist families continued to utilize this Nazi force.

“The end of World War III will end with Donald Trump,” he continued. “It’s already happening with the crushing of ISIS. There will be another Nuremberg trial, some of these icons of American industry and business will be held accountable at Gitmo [the military detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba].”

  • Bushey, who received 40 percent of the vote in his attempt to unseat Democrat John Martin two years ago, is a leader of a “QAnon church” called Omega Kingdom Ministries (OKM).
  • In YouTube videos, Bushey explains how QAnon dovetails with biblical teachings.
  • On the website of OKM’s parent organization, Bushey wrote, “When we come out of our ‘trench,’ and begin shooting truth bullets of the gospel and other truths, Satan and a lot of the world do not like it and the Enemy will shoot back to stop you.”
  • Bushey’s post continued, “We are now soldiers and soldiers fight battles. It is very much like the 5th columnists … who live inside Enemy territory to carry out intelligence missions and blow up the enemy’s strongholds.”

A series of “prayers” on the site’s homepage is titled “Operation Lock and Load.” The first in the series, titled “Machine Gunner,” states, “We hereby decree: The immediate death, dismantling & destruction of the following anti-Christ organizations and funds.” The long list that follows includes the Democratic Socialists of America, Planned Parenthood, The Lincoln Project, The Clinton Foundation, The Muslim Brotherhood, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and ActBlue Charities.

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