Susan Collins Heads Into Re-Election Race With Negative Approval Rating


Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has seen her approval rating drop by 16 points since the first quarter of 2019.

Morning Consult polled almost 2,000 Maine voters and found that approval ratings for Maine Senator Susan Collins have dropped dramatically. According to Press Herald, She is currently the second least popular Senator in the U.S. Senate, ahead of only Senator Mitch McConnell.

From the first quarter of 2019, Collin’s approval ratings have fallen 16 points, the biggest drop of any senator. She now has a 45% approval rating and a 48% disapproval rating. Her opponents used the survey to speak negatively about her.

“This new polling reflects the fact that we can’t count on Sen. Collins to be an independent advocate, she has chosen her party and special interests in Washington over the people of Maine,” Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra said in a statement Thursday. “She turned her back on all but the wealthy for a tax bill that rewarded corporations while threatening health care for everybody else. Mainers are fed up and ready for change.”

Kevin Kelley, the campaign spokesperson for Collin, said that the new numbers were unsurprising because “ Collins continues to be subjected to a nonstop barrage of negative and false attacks fueled by millions of dollars in dark money.”

“But as soon as Mainers focus on next year’s campaign, and Sen. Collins’ extraordinary record of bipartisan accomplishments, we are confident that she will prevail just as she has in past elections when extreme, out-of-state interests have tried to defeat her,” Kelley continued.

The polling numbers came a day after NextGen America, a political action committee, said it would put $1 million toward unseating Collins. Main Voters, another PAC, has spent $15,000 on web ads against Collins.

Collins popularity has been teetering since she expressed her support for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination in 2018. She was criticized again when she supported a tax bill which brought down federal income tax rates, which some said mostly benefited the wealthiest companies in the country.

In the race against Collins in 2020, at least four Democrats will compete to be the party’s nominee, including Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives Sara Gideon. Activist and lobbyist Betsy Sweet, attorney Bre Kidman, and former Air Force Major General Jonathan Treacy will also run.

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