Support For Trump Has Faded Among Active-Duty Troops

Photo By: Senior Airman Delano Scott/Public Domain

Men and enlisted troops are more enamored with the president than women, minorities and officers, the poll found.

Support for President Donald Trump among America’s active-duty troops has weakened over the past two years, according to a new poll by Military Times — though U.S. service members still approve of Trump at a higher rate than the American public at large.

> About 44 percent of troops had a favorable view of Trump’s presidency, the poll showed, compared to 43 percent who disapproved.


> The results from the survey, conducted over the course of September and October, suggest a gradual decline in troops’ support of Trump since he was elected in fall 2016, when a similar Military Times poll showed that 46 percent of troops approved of Trump compared to 37 percent who disapproved. That nine-point margin of support now appears gone.


> During that same period, the number of neutral respondents has dwindled from almost 17 percent to about 13 percent, suggesting political polarization inside the military community has intensified in recent years.

The president’s supporters are concentrated among men and enlisted troops, the poll found. Women, minorities and officers disapprove of Trump’s job in office at significantly higher rates.

> A CNN poll released earlier this month put Trump’s disapproval rating among women at 62 percent. In the Military Times poll, that figure topped 68 percent, with only about 26 percent of military women expressing a favorable view of the president.


> The poll was conducted before the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation vote by the senate, but responses were collected while much of that process’ focus was on sexual assault allegations leveled against the nominee.


> Among military men, Trump still enjoys a 47 percent favorable rating and a 38 percent disapproval mark.

As for minorities, only 29 percent approve of Trump, as opposed to 47 percent who do not, and more than half of officers hold the president in an unfavorable light, while 4 percent approve.

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Your poll is flawed at best and I would love to see your sample pool by demographic. Even ethical Mexicans here in SoCal have no issues with the wall. They did it legally so they don't get the anger.