Support For The Impeachment Of Donald Trump Is Increasing

Alisdare Hickson / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Nearly 45 percent of Americans support the impeachment of Trump.

Close to 45 percent of Americans said Trump should be impeached, up 5 percent from last month, according to a new Reuters poll.

In spite of the larger support for impeachment, the president’s approval ratings have held steady in the last couple of weeks at 39 percent, according to the news agency. Unsurprisingly, the study concluded there is stronger support for impeachment among Democrats and independents.

The new poll also revealed that 57 percent of people in the country, including half of Democrats and roughly 75 percent of Republicans, thought the investigations into Trump's administration “interfered with important government business.”

The results come as Congress revamps its two-year probe into the administration following the partial release of the Mueller report. This Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that inquiry is “very methodical” and Constitution-based. “We won’t go any faster than the facts take us, or any slower than the facts take us,” she added.

According to the London-based news organization, only 32 percent of Americans agreed that Congress handled the Mueller report properly, while 47 percent did not agree.

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