Study: Psychopathic Traits Are Higher In People Who Identify As Republicans

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New research has shown that psychopathic traits tend to be stronger in Republicans than Democrats.

The results of a new study examining potential links between psychopathic traits and political affiliation builds on previous research showing that people with conservative political views have slightly more psychopathic traits than their more liberal counterparts.

Via PsyPost:

“Psychopathic traits with their associated empathy deficits appear relevant to the discussion of political attitudes and political candidates,” wrote the authors of the study, which was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

For their study, the researchers surveyed 304 American adults using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. The participants completed measures of psychopathy, empathy, political beliefs, and political affiliation.

The study was based on the triarchic conceptualization of psychopathy, which breaks psychopathy down into three facets: boldness, meanness, and disinhibition.

Psychopathic boldness and meanness tended to be higher in Republicans than Democrats, according to the researchers’ findings, though disinhibition did not appear linked to political views.

In other words, Republicans were more likely to agree with statements such as “I don’t mind if someone I dislike gets hurt”, “I taunt people just to stir things up,” “I can get over things that would traumatize others,” and “I never worry about making a fool of myself with others.”

But whether people agreed with statements like “I get in trouble for not considering the consequences of my actions” was unrelated to their politics.

Further, researchers found that boldness tracked with conservative views on the economy, while meanness tracked with social views.

Boldness was linked to opposition to government spending, immigration, and gay rights. Meanness was associated with opposition to universal healthcare, marijuana legalization, equal pay for women, and affirmative action.

The new study builds on previous research, published in 2013 and 2014, which found that psychopathic traits tended to be higher among political conservatives.

PsyPost noted, however, that the study includes some limitations — it used just one measure of psychopathy, and the differences between Republican and Democratic affiliation were statistically significant but relatively small nonetheless.

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I've known this for decades to be 100% true! Republicans are mentally ill.


I’d like to know, in their opinion, what has Trump done that has made America great?

Andrew Rei
Andrew Rei

This is not a surprise to me at all. In fact, as I've written many times before online, the GOP have been engaged in a five-faction Civil War since December 2012 and have proved one of their 10 "tenets", insanity, constantly. The five factions:

ProtoFascist PoliCon (politically Conservative) sociopaths, such as the "president" and his minions; Fascist PoliCon psychopaths, the power base of the party despite being the second-smallest faction; Psychopaths and sociopaths in Moderate clothing, aka, the GOP politicians whom are wrongly thought to be "Moderate"; also the smallest faction; Moderates and Progressives, two-thirds of the voters of the party but NONE of the politicians of it. In addition, nearly all of this faction, the largest one, are "high-functioning sociopaths", that is, they have the self-control of psychopaths but also have the lack of intelligence of sociopaths, not to mention that they're easily manipulated by psychopaths (Faction 2); Faction 5: AnarchoFascist Firebagger (Libertarian) hypocrites/sociopaths.

^^^Of course, the GOP respond to the truth and facts above by acting insane in going through a process I call "The Regression", which has three steps:

Cognitive dissonance, where they insanely deny the truth and facts because those things make them uncomfortable; False equivalency, the bogus claim that "Democrats and Republicans are the same" (a narrative developed by Faction 2 in the early 1970's); Projection, the worst form of hypocrisy and a psychiatric ploy whereby they make bogus claims about others, especially Democrats, that truly apply to them. The GOP (and minor parties, all of whom are offshoots of the GOP) are EXPERT projectional hypocrites.


This has been obvious for years.


That can't be possible. They talk to God and Jesus, and they the till them who to hate. That can't be psychotic it's from God. Trump was send from God, Putin only helped.

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