Stormy Daniels' Atty Discredits Sean Hannity's Story With Court Transcripts


Sean Hannity has said he never retained attorney Michael Cohen, but court transcripts contradict Hannity's story.

After Fox News hosts Brit Hume and Laura Ingraham criticized Michael Avenatti’s assertion that Sean Hannity’s relationship with Trump attorney Michael Cohen was “far more extensive” than people realize, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer shared highlighted court transcripts -- juxtaposed with Hannity’s tweets -- to discredit Hannity’s story.

"In light of @brithume claiming I never have a basis for my statements and he and @ingrahamAngle taking shots at me for my harmless comments re Mr. Hannity on CNN yesterday, I think it’s only fair that I shed light on some critical FACTS re the situation," [Avenatti] tweeted, linking to the Dropbox folder.

Inside, he highlighted swaths of testimony. One highlighted portion appeared to contradict Hannity's own description of the relationship he shared with lawyer. The Fox News host claimed he never "retained" Cohen in any legal matter and instead simply consulted the attorney—but a U.S. attorney said in court that Cohen never grouped people he consulted for with his legal clients.

“Mr. Cohen’s letter states that he has some clients for whom he provides strategic advice or business consulting," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas McKay, according to the transcripts. "Now, he hasn’t put those in the realm of legal clients for now.”