Stock Market Has Lost More Than 40% Of Value Gained Under Trump

Following a steep downturn, the stock market as lost 40.6 percent of the value it added since the president took office.

Following Monday's historic stock market drop, Thursday saw the Dow Jones industrial average tumble over one thousand points for the second time this week.

Per the Washington Post, this will be the worst week in history if the Dow falls just 214 points on Friday.

There have been 149 days in which the Dow fell more than 4.15 percent, the drop experienced on Thursday. There have been 78 weeks in which the Dow fell more than 6.51 percent, which is where it stands for the week. That means, though, that Thursday was worse than 99.5 percent of days in the Dow’s history and this week has been worse than 98.7 percent of weeks. Again: So far.
As of the end of the day Thursday, the Dow was lower than it’s been on any day since Nov. 28 of last year — meaning that the Dow has lost all of the value it added since that point.

That's 40.6 percent of the value added after President Donald Trump's inauguration, and if the Dow drops another 639 points, it will have lost half the value it added under Trump.

What does the president think of all this?

So far the White House remains relatively upbeat about the state of financial markets, but time will tell how far we have to fall.