Steve Scalise: Pardoning War Criminals Will Increase Morale For U.S. Troops


Congressman Scalise tells Fox’s Chris Wallace that pardoning U.S. war criminals has a positive effect on the military.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) supported President Trump’s decision to pardon two U.S. service members in cases involving allegations of war crimes, according to The Hill

Fox news host Chris Wallace asked Scalise about the president clearing men accused or convicted of war crimes and added that “senior Pentagon officials advised the president against” his eventual decision because they believed it would “undermine the military justice system.”

Scalise did not have any problems with it.

“I’ve heard from our men and women in uniform for years that they felt that they were sidelined because they needed a team of attorneys before they could return fire in the battlefield,” he said. “I think our troops’ morale is much higher -- troops that I’ve heard from -- because this has been a concern.”

Trump granted two pardons Friday from Army Maj. Matthew Golsteyn and Army Lt. Clint Lorance.

Golsteyn, a former Green Beret, was charged with murder in the death of an Afghan man during deployment in 2010. Lorance was found guilty in 2013 of second-degree murder for ordering his solders to fire on three unarmed Afghan men on a motorcycle. He had served six years of the 19-year prison sentence.

“I think there have been a lot of concerns expressed over the years that many of our men and women in uniform that were out battling terrorists in the battlefield were being put in a position where they had to think about whether or not if they returned fire, if they defended themselves,” Scalise said. 

He continued: “Some of these people mentioned that were killed were terrorists, bomb-making terrorists, and yet our men and women --men in uniform in this case -- were in jail for 25-plus years for killing a terrorist in the battlefield.”

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TREASON, Times Two

American intelligence has confirmed that Russian intelligence was involved in trying to swing the American election in favor of Donald Trump. American intelligence has also confirmed that members of the Trump campaign were in touch with Russian intelligence during the election. And now, with the impeachment hearings, extremely credible witnesses have testified that Trump, with certain members of his administration, leaned on the President of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for the release of already committed military aid that was badly needed in their fight with Russia.

When I was in nursery school, one of the first things I learned how to do was to add and to subtract. And the very first addition I ever performed was to add one and one to make two. When I watch the reactions, by Republicans, Trump supporters, and the conservative media, to the revelations by our intelligence community, concerning the involvement of Russian intelligence in our election process and the Trump administration’s communications with them, I can only come to one of three conclusions: either they did not learn how to add when they were in nursery school, they are cowards, or they are complicit in treason against the United States.

Only a fool, coward, or traitor could possibly doubt that the Trump administration connived and colluded with Russia, at least in spirit and expression of desire, if not in legally prosecutable fact, to steal the election from Hillary Clinton and thus install a presidency favorable to Vladimir Putin. And now, with the Ukraine fiasco, we have a clearly impeachable, in the words of John Bolton, “drug deal.” Which, once again, looks like treason, in spirit and expression of desire, if not in legally prosecutable fact, with the intention of throwing four more years to Donald Trump and absolving Putin and Russia of blame for manipulating the 2016 election, as well as ending sanctions.

The United States and the American People are the victims of an ongoing coup; a coup that was contrived and executed by Donald Trump, members of his campaign staff, members of his family, certain members of the Republican Party, and some members of the military and business communities, with the help of Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence. It’s a disorganized coup, subject to the whims of Donald Trump, but a coup nonetheless. And all of the individuals involved in perpetrating this coup, no matter what their motives, and no matter whether they are in or out of favor with Trump, are traitors. And those Americans who did not know what was happening, but are now refusing to face what has happened, whether they are Republican members of congress or just Trump supporters, are complicit with treason.

It is time now for all American patriots to rise up and face the fact that an actual coup, by a wild assortment of domestic traitors and foreign enemies, is occurring. Then we all must demand that our elected representatives put an immediate end to this coup, first by continuing the investigation to get to the very bottom of everything that has happened, and finally by prosecuting every other individual involved, either directly or indirectly.

This is not a time for cowardice. This is a time for courage and the expression of extreme outrage at what has happened to our country. We cannot let this stand. We must fight to save our republic from the domestic traitors and foreign enemies who would like to turn our government into an autocratic, oligarchic, kleptocratic farce, where democracy is nothing more than a front for traitors, psychopaths, criminals, and thieves.

There are those among us, however, who will slip and slide their way around facing what has happened to our country and what is yet to come. Either for partisan reasons, mercenary investments, fear of reprisal, or because Trump is all they’ve got, they will tell us that things are not as bad as they seem and that we should be patient and wait for clarity before we jump to conclusions or act in haste. Do not trust them, trust your instincts, trust what you can see and feel, along with the facts that we already know. Things are as bad as they seem, patience has run out, things are quite clear, and the time for action is now.

While we were looking elsewhere, uninterested, uninvolved, and uninformed, a group of shameless miscreants plotted to rob us of our democracy and our freedom, confident that we would not notice. But we did notice. More of us than I thought would, have been awakened by the robbers who have broken into The People’s House, and the American People are now rising from their slumber to meet them head-on. Our representatives are now working hard to bring Donald Trump to justice, and, if we can’t remove him from our White House through impeachment, we will vote him out in 2020.

We, the American citizens of this great republic, will not be fooled or cowed into submission, we will not surrender our will or our rights to the likes of Donald J. Trump and his gang of twisted sycophants, and we will never roll over to the influence of a foreign dictator.

Semper pergendum sine timore



Thank you for taking a truth hammer to this topic and framing this in a manner that ties the critical elements together. With your permission I'd like to republish this.

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