Steve King: I’m Not Anti-Semitic Because I Met “With A Jewish Person” In Austria

USDA photo by Preston Keres/Public Domain

Rep. Steve King share an article saying he "met with at least two gays and a Jewish person" while he was in Austria.

Far-right media outlet The Gateway Pundit came to the defense of Republican Rep. Steve King (Iowa) after the lawmaker lost corporate backers and began sliding in the polls over his most recent racist behavior.

King shared an article titled “Rep. Steve King Meets with Gays and a Jewish Person in Austria – Liberal Media Says He Met with Nazis … NEVER TRUST LIBERAL MEDIA” on Twitter, according to Mediaite, as proof he cannot possibly be an anti-Semite.

> “The Gateway Pundit can report today that Rep. King met with at least two gays and a Jewish person at his meeting in Austria,” the site’s post read. “We also can confirm that there was only ONE MEMBER of the Freedom Party of Austria at the meeting.”


> As for what was discussed at the meeting, the Gateway Pundit notes, “We reached out to Steve King’s office today. We were told the Austrian meeting was an off the record meeting.”


> The blog does not offer names or topics discussed with any of the supposed “gays” and “Jewish person.”

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