Steve Bannon’s Dark Vision For US: Mass Murder And Economic Collapse

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"I believe you need radical restructuring. It can't be a pillow fight. You need killers to get change." —Steve Bannon

Former White House adviser and Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon believes the United States is headed for a bloody revolution, according to a new documentary called “American Dharma.”

The film — during which Bannon says Donald Trump is "superstitious" and "naive" — premiered at the Venice film festival on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported, and features Bannon predicting "if you don't allow for some way to spread the wealth, there will be a revolution in this country."

"We are going to have another financial crisis -- anyone who is smart sees it's coming," Bannon told Errol Morris in a series of long interviews for "American Dharma".

"I believe you need radical restructuring," Bannon declared. "It can't be a pillow fight. You need killers to get change.

"That is why Trump is president," he told Morris, who won an Oscar for his confessional film "The Fog of War" about the architect of the Vietnam war, Robert McNamara.

That America would have Trump-like leader “was clear as daylight,” the president’s former adviser said.

Bannon also touts his handling of Trump’s 2016 campaign, which he says was headed for disaster before he came on board.

He admitted he relied on some PR "jujutsu" to rescue Trump after the leak of his "grab them by the pussy" remarks to Billy Bush threatened to sink the campaign.

This included bringing women who had accused Bill Clinton of rape and sexual impropriety to a crucial television debate.

But Bannon refused to say whether he had a hand in the WikiLeaks dump of Hillary Clinton's emails minutes after the so-called "Access Hollywood" tape of Trump's remarks was released.

He also condensed the campaign’s message into a handful of populist slogans, including “Build the wall”.

He had urged the president to "drop the hammer" as soon as he got into office with a flurry of executive orders including the hugely divisive "Muslim ban".

"If you hit the media with five things at a time, three will go through. They can only handle so much," Bannon said.

Though he admits he has been part of the very elite he now rails against, Bannon insists he is now looking out for the "common man" in America.

[H]e was now "on a mission to turn the Republican Party into a workers' party. You may have better food and clothing than an 18th-century Russian serf, but you are the same. They have you hung up on credit card debt... and their algorithms control your life."

As for his ties to the alt-right and neo-Nazis?

Bannon said he was helping what he called the "patriotic right" in Europe, while insisting that "Neo-Nazis are an invention of the oppositional... left-wing media."

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Wayne Rizor
Wayne Rizor

This man needs to be introduced to the hangman's noose. His idiotic logic that Nazis are leftists is absurd while he is saying the GOP needs to be turned into a "workers party". Nazism (and Fascism) is an Authoritarian-Conservative form of government, it's German name Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte or National Socialist German Workers' Party was founded in 1919 to combat a growing communist party in Germany. Socialist was added to the name to draw away young men from the communist party, but the word socialist never had any meaning within the party and was seen as an embarrassment by party leaders in later years.


Fine. Let's start with killing Steve Bannon.


Steve Bannon wants to be relevant so badly. Steve Bannon is not relevant.


This man was a self-avowed Leninist for years before attaching himself to Trump.

He's openly claimed numerous times that he dreams of seeing the wholesale destruction of The United States Federal Government.

He's openly claimed that we need a civil war to achieve this.

He's openly claimed we need an economic collapse to achieve spark said civil war.

Then he managed Trump's campaign and transition team.

Then he handpicked many of Trump's cabinet members and appointees. Giving him a list for future ones as well. Including judicial nominees.

Then he helped write most of Trump's early policies. Then he helped shape much of Trump's future policies.

Now everything he's planned is seemingly falling into place.

All the while benefiting Russia and China.

Hmm . . . Must be pure coincidence . . .

John Sawyer
John Sawyer

Bannon is another in a long line of anti-US clowns who have both predicted, and tried make happen, another US civil war, including Charles Manson. It won't happen.


Wayne, the chart is missing the "sovereign citizen" movement, the f/u philosophy that rejects cooperation with society and embraces fully anti-social action. I'm not entirely sure where it fits on this chart, but it is quite real.

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