Stephen King Offers $75,000 For Charity If WH Press Secretary Will Hold Briefing

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Authors Stephen King and Don Winslow offered $75,000 each for Stephanie Grisham to do her job.

Nearly one year has gone by since the White House press secretary last held a daily press briefing — a job that now falls to current press secretary Stephanie Grisham.

And now that tensions between the U.S. and Iran are on the rise, the White House has come under increasing pressure to effectively communicate President Donald Trump’s views on the matter.

RawStory noted that Nicole Wallace, formerly a White House communications director under President George W. Bush, described the current situation a “messaging fog of war,” and the publication also noted that much of the criticism has been aimed directly at Grisham.

“Bestselling novelist Don Winslow decided to take matters into his own hands — and offered a bounty for Grisham to do her job in a public letter posted on Twitter on Wednesday,” RawStory reported.

And fellow author Stephen King soon followed suit, offering to match Winslow’s donation if Grisham would simply hold a briefing with the full press corps.

Grisham has not responded to the offers, but the press secretary has lashed out the media for putting out what she described as inaccurate reporting.

Social media was quick to note on Tuesday that news outlets would have a better chance of accurately reporting on Trump administration activities if Grisham would hold press briefings communicating those activities.

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