States With More Gun Owners Have More Murders, Women Most Common Victims


Three quarters of victims in intimate partner gun homicide are women.

According to Newsweek, in states with more gun owners, there are more murders in the home. Women in particular are the most common victims. A study published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine assesses the link between gun ownership and domestic shootings.

Gun ownership in states ranges from Hawaii, with 10.4 percent, to Wyoming, with 68.8 percent. More people own guns in the west and south rather than the north.

Aaron J. Kivisto, of the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Indianapolis said "Research has consistently shown that states with higher levels of gun ownership tend to have higher rates of firearm homicide and suicide. What our findings suggest is that the increased risk of firearm homicide attributable to firearms isn't equally shared across all potential victims."

Three quarters of victims in intimate partner gun homicide are women.

"This tells us that an increased risk for homicide victimization associated with gun ownership has a disproportionate impact on women," said Kivisto. "At the same time, our results also showed that the incidence of domestic homicide victimization increases for both men and women as gun ownership rates go up."

He continued, "The narrative about gun ownership and personal protection tends to ignore the risks associated with firearm ownership, including the risks to others in the home. Gun owners should weigh up these perceived benefits and risks and engage in safe storage and other practices to reduce the risk of a domestic incident becoming fatal. "

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