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Recent polling showed that Russians’ trust in President Vladimir Putin has fallen to a 14-year record low, according to The Moscow Times.

The state-funded VTsIOM polling agency released the result of their March survey, where just 28.3 percent of Russians chose Putin when asked to name a politician whom they trust. This is the lowest percentage since the pollster began asking this question in January 2006.

Russian authorities have faced criticism for their response to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus outbreak, as they were seen to be providing insufficient aid to businesses and workers.

Valery Fyodorove, the head of VTsIOM, told Forbes Russia that the format of the survey also played a factor in the result of low trust in the president. A multiple-choice format, for example, would cause more respondents to say they trust Putin than the “open-ended” format that VTsIOM normally uses.

“The open-ended question is more about memory and information activity than about trust, unfortunately,” Fyodorov said. “In general, I would stop asking this question at all, but if I stop asking it, they will start suspecting me of some terrible things.”

In April, 69.8 percent of respondents said yes to a yes-or-no survey about whether they trust Putin, Fyodorove said.

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