State Dept. Reportedly Hunted Down Staffer Who Liked A Chelsea Clinton Tweet

Screengrab/The Graham Norton Show/YouTube ; Screengrab/The Sun/YouTube


After a State Department staffer liked a Chelsea Clinton tweet, a full-fledged probe was launched to find the culprit.

President Donald Trump’s State Department reportedly launched a full-on investigation into which of its employees liked a 2017 tweet posted by the daughter of Hillary Clinton, according to The Daily Beast.

The Week noted that Chelsea Clinton’s offending tweet was critical of Trump’s decision to bring along his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, to a G-20 summit meeting.

Not long after someone with access to the official Twitter account of the U.S. mission to the European Union liked the tweet, the State Department — then headed by former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — began a weeks-long probe to find the culprit who clicked the heart.

The incident, referred to as the “Chelsea Clinton thing,” resulted in “the department interviewing nearly 10 administrators of the account about whether they mistakenly or deliberately hit the button,” but every staffer involved denied knowledge of the ‘like’.

In the end, access to the account was restricted to just two staffers.

To this day, the culprit remains at large, The Week reported.

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