Staffer For GOP Senator Mocks Cancer Survivor Concerned About Losing Insurance

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC).Screengrab / MSNBC / YouTube


A staffer for Sen. Thom Tillis effectively told the woman she doesn't deserve insurance if she can't afford it.

When Bev Veals, a North Carolina resident who has beat cancer three times, contacted the office of Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) in March regarding her concern over possibly losing her health insurance after her husband was furloughed due to the pandemic.

Veals called to see if there was anything the office could do to help her and her family, but a Tillis staffer responded by mocking her situation, according to local news WRAL.

Instead of helping Veals, Tillis’ staffer told Veals that she didn’t deserve health insurance that she couldn’t afford:

Bev Veals (NC resident): "You’re saying that, if you can’t afford it, you don’t get to have it, and that includes health care?"

Thom Tillis Staffer: "Yeah, just like if I want to go to the store and buy a new dress shirt. If I can’t afford that dress shirt, I don’t get to get it."

Bev Veals (NC resident): "But health care is something that people need, especially if they have cancer,"

Thom Tillis Staffer: "Well, you got to find a way to get it."

After being confronted by WRAL with a recording of the conversation, Tillis spokesman Daniel Keylin offered an apology, which Veals said was not enough.

"The way Mrs. Veals was talked to by a staff assistant in our Washington office was completely inappropriate and violates the code of conduct Senator Tillis has for his staff, which is why immediate disciplinary action has been taken," Keylin said.

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