Stacey Dash Had To Explain To Her Arresting Officer Why She's Famous

Screengrab/WFLA News Channel 8/YouTube


Stacey Dash had to inform her arresting officer why she was famous, pointing to her role in "Clueless" and Fox News gig.

Actress and former Fox News contributor Stacey Dash was arrested in Florida on domestic battery charges Sunday night, and the arresting officer’s body camera footage reveals she had to explain to him why she is famous.

New York Daily News published the video on Tuesday.

As the officer is walking Dash to his police car, he asks the “Clueless” star what she does for work, to which she responds she is an actress.

The officer, clearly not recognizing the actress, then asks her what type of acting she does and what she has acted in, to which Dash responds: “I did a film called ‘Clueless.’”

“Oh, okay,” he replies.

Dash went on to tell the officer that she is taking a break from acting, noting that she had also worked as a political contributor for Fox News.

Dash’s manager told the Daily News that she had been involved in a domestic dispute with her husband over the weekend, after a “report released by the sheriff’s office accused her of slapping a man in the face and pushing him.”

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I'm not condoning violence, but he better have hit her back. You hit him like a man you're gonna get hit like a man. Js

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