South Koreans Fear Trump More Than North Korea’s Dictator

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

South Koreans don't seem to care much for the newest American president, and they fear him more than Kim Jong-un.

The people of South Korea have become accustomed to the rantings and provocations of the dictator to their north, but it is the newest American president that makes them nervous, according to Newsweek.

“I think almost any South Korean you talk to would say they're much more frightened of Donald Trump than they are of Kim Jung Un,” said Barbara Demick, who lived in the South for more than four years and authored Nothing to Envy: The Ordinary Lives of North Koreans.

South Koreans don't care much for the U.S. president in general:

An anti-North Korea protest in Seoul will draw 50 or so Korean War veterans, while an anti-American demonstration will attract hundreds of thousands of South Koreans, Demick said.


Trump has given North Korea “the greatest gift ever,” Demick said, “Because anti-Americanism is the force that gives them meaning. It's their raison d'être.”