South Dakota’s GOP Gov: Students ‘Will Definitely Be In The Classroom” This Fall

Screengrab/ Governor Kristi Noem / YouTube

Sarah Shaiman

Noem unveiled a plan to inject $47 million in state and federal funds to assist in reopening plans for the fall.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) said students “definitely” will be returning in the fall for live classes, according to the Hill.

  • This comes as the nation debates sending students back to school amid the pandemic. “Well, for us, our kids are going back to school on time,” she said on Fox & Friends. “They will definitely be in the classroom.”
  • She reiterated that the risk of transmitting coronavirus among students is very low and said “that accommodations will be made for teachers who are older or have preexisting medical conditions.”

“We have proven that distance learning is not as effective as being in the classroom. We think that kids have only achieved about 70 percent of the learning that they could have, had they been in school,” she said.

“And then also, we have a lot of kids that don’t have a stable home environment. They don’t have parents that are really being responsible to make sure that they're learning. Those are the kids that are getting hurt the most. And in South Dakota, in some districts, it's up to 30 percent of the children.

  • Republicans have been adamant that students should go back to school in the fall, while Democrats have taken a more cautious approach. Returning to school poses certain risk to both students, teachers, and school staff.
  • Noem unveiled a plan to inject $47 million of state and federal funds into South Dakota schools to assist in reopening plans.
  • To date, there have been 123 coronavirus-related deaths in the state of South Dakota.

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