South Dakota Resolution Would Prevent Teachers From Discussing Climate Change

PIxabay / Public Domain

State lawmakers in South Dakota are looking to keep public school teachers from discussing politics in the classroom.

Friendly Atheist has found that a South Dakota bill, House of Concurrent Resolution 1002, asks "local school boards to establish a code of ethics and professional responsibility."

The bill intends to stop teachers from speaking politically in school. The bill says teachers can’t “endorse, support, or oppose: candidates for public office or pieces of legislation while in school.

Yet, there is one unsettling caveat. The bill says, “[Teachers cannot] Advocate for any issue that is part of a political party platform at the national, state, or local level.”

The Democratic Party platform includes a prominent section on climate change. Will teachers be able to discuss this issue under the new bill?

The National Center for Science Education says that this resolution “would provide a route to pressure teachers to use antievolution and/or climate change denial material in their classrooms.”

All 15 sponsors of the bill are Republican.

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Forget Christmas. The war on science is real and it is a threat to every single life on this planet as well as this planet itself.

The Department of Defense and The Department of Homeland Security name climate change as the number one threat to national security.

The United Nations and the entirety of the scientific community know that climate change is the number one threat to humanity.

The Republicans want to remove climate change from our books, from our scientific material, from our scientific research and from the lips of our greatest scientific minds.

This was introduced in South Dakota on 1/19/2018

It passed at State House of Representatives with YEAS 62, NAYS 1 on 01/22/2018

It passed State Senate with YEAS 33, NAYS 2. on 1/24/18

Let's not forget what the Oil & Gas industry has done and is currently doing in South Dakota.

Another noteworthy part of this?

Page 2 Section 6 lines 22-23 would punish educators who, quote "Endorse, support, or engage in any activities that hamper or impede the lawful access of military recruiters to school property."

How easily could that be manipulated into teachers being forced to indoctrinate promilitary propaganda in the minds of our youth?

This isn't about protecting education.

This is about empowering indoctrination.