South Carolina’s AG Calls Marijuana “The Most Dangerous Drug” In America


William James

“They use words like stoned, high, wasted, baked...Are these consistent with something that describes a medicine?”

According to Post and Courier, the South Carolina Attorney General, Alan Wilson, has called marijuana “the most dangerous drug” in America. He criticized legislation that would allow patients to obtain marijuana with a doctor’s prescription.

State Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel and other leaders from the South Carolina Medical Association indicated that medical marijuana would cause addiction and increased traffic accidents. They also made a baseless claim that medical marijuana would cause an increase in overdose deaths.

In the Statehouse lobby, Wilson said of the medicine, “They use words like stoned, high, wasted, baked, fried, cooked, chonged, cheeched, dope-faced, blazed, blitzed, blunted, blasted, danked, stupid, wrecked — and that’s only half the words they use. Are these consistent with something that describes a medicine?”

Wilson said that marijuana was dangerous because it was “the most misunderstood drug.”

Seabrook, the S.C. Medical Association’s president, said that the new legislation “will not improve the health of South Carolina.”

33 states in the country have already prepared regulations which allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. 15 South Carolina lawmakers have already sponsored a bill this year to add South Carolina to those states.

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sounds like the same terms they use with alcohol....and alcohol kills more thru direct poisoning and drinking and driving than any other drug....but I see this hyprocite isn't going after alcohol is he?


So ignorant. Doesn't even understand medical MJ is heavy on the non-intoxicating cannabidiols, light on the THC. That there is indica and sativa with very varied degrees of psychoactivity. Medical MJ users who just want to be able to get a night's sleep or hold down some food during chemo.. not get wasted blitzed and drive around crashing cars.

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