Sore Loser Roy Moore Attacks Doug Jones’ Openly Gay Son


Moore tweeted a link from the fringe conspiracy website World Net Daily, a site to which he has been a contributor.

After losing the Alabama special election to Democrat Doug Jones more than a week ago, Republican Roy Moore has yet to concede. Not only does he refuse to admit defeat, the accused child molester also took to social media to disparage his opponent's gay son.

But Moore has posted links to his Facebook page discussing "How Muslims and Marxists delivered for Doug Jones" and that "Doug Jones's Gay Son Is 'Thrilled' by the Alabama win."


The first link came from the fringe conspiracy site World Net Daily, a website for which Moore himself had written columns. The second was from The Advocate, an LGBT publication. Moore subsequently deleted this link from his page.

Though he has no chance of altering the election results, Moore continues his attempt to raise "election integrity funds" to challenge the outcome.

“I also wanted to let you know that this battle is NOT OVER!" he said in the email calling for donations. "My campaign team is busy collecting numerous reported cases of voter fraud and irregularities for the Secretary of State's office."

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Shocking that Roy Moore cannot behave like an adult.