Soon-To-Be Legendary Gender-Reveal Party Ends In Explosions And Misery


A gender-reveal party in the middle of a country road in Australia’s Gold Coast didn’t go as planned when a black sedan erupted in flames after spinning a celebratory donut, transforming the blue smoke into black, The Washington Post reported

The footage of the gender-reveal party was captured on a drone, but later seized by the police. The local media outlets filed a request for the footage which was released Tuesday. 

“I know people like to do unique things for gender reveals these days, but use a bit of common sense,” said Queensland Police Service Sgt. Hilton Buckley. Officials warned that “burnout” gender reveals are ill-advised.

Burnouts, originating from drag racing culture, involve spinning the wheels of a stationary car to produce massive amounts of tire smoke and typically damage clutches, wear out brakes, and threadbare tires. They’re also usually illegal on public roads. 

The stunt is quickly becoming a nuisance to local police in Australia, as burnouts have become “the main high-risk behavior associated with the gender-reveal events.” 

Officials worry that similar stunts could potentially cause wildfires, such as when an Arizona Border Patrol agent inadvertently started a 47,000-acre wildfire when he shot at a target filled with the explosive Tannerite and colored powder, resulting in a $8 million fine in restitution. 

“I can understand the excitement of people wanting to do something special for a gender reveal,” Buckley, of the Queensland Police Service, said. “But doing that sort of thing on a public road, with people standing in front of the car as you’re moving toward them, is a pretty silly thing to do.”

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