Some Ex-Trump Staffers Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet And Can’t Find Jobs

Screengrab / CNN / Youtube

Typically, departing White House staffers have no trouble securing employment at prestigious organizations.

The Trump administration has gone through three chiefs of staff, four national security advisors, and six communications directors in the first two years of Trump’s presidency. Many of the cast-out officials went back to jobs in academia or in the private sector. Some have resigned on principle. Others have fully committed to Trump’s agenda by joining his re-election campaign.

Nevertheless, most former-Trump officials are now working in far less prestigious jobs than their predecessors, according to News Republic. Instead of working at Fortune 500 companies or illustrious think tanks, many former Trump officials end up more Trump-aligned or GOP-aligned positions.

After leaving the White House in 2017, Katie Walsh, Trump’s first deputy chief of staff, ended up back in the Republican National Committee. Bill Shine, a past communications director, is now working in the Trump re-election campaign. Former foreign policy advisor Sebastian Gorka is now working for a conservative media outlet. Former deputy national security advisor Dina Powell returned to her job at Goldman Sachs.

In the past, working in the White House is an incredible career move. In comparison with Obama officials and Bush officials, former Trump officials have found much less impressive jobs. Instead, they have found themselves with limited career options: Fox, other Trump groups, or other conservative groups.

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