Software Exec Fired After Posting Meme Suggesting Pay-Per-View Lynching Of Obama

Sarah Shaiman

The company posted a statement to their Facebook and deleted a number of Twitter accounts after the incident.

Vice President of Information Technology Gary Casper of software company Transcard was terminated after sharing a meme that suggested a pay-per-view lynching of former President Barack Obama, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

  • The image depicted Obama with a noose around his neck coupled with the caption “#PayPerView.”
  • The meme could be construed as threats against a former president, a felony charge with up to five years in prison.

In light of the situation, Transcard president Chris Fuller reached out to the Times Free Press saying that “the company does not allow its employees to make political statements on social media.”

The Times Free press found:

  • The Twitter accounts for a number of employees including the President and CEO have recently been deleted. 
  • The company’s main Twitter account was deleted. 
  • The company’s telephone system was “temporarily unavailable.” 

In a statement posted to Facebook, Transcard said, “Views reflected in posts made by individuals do not reflect the views or values of Transcard.”

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Oh but it’s ok for Madonna to say she wants to blow up the White House and other actors/actresses threatening to Kill President Trump and or offering money’s to have a hit out on him and nothing happens to them. Gtfoh with this 💩


He should be jailed, not just fired.

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