Smugglers Are Modifying $100 Power Tools To Saw Through Trump’s $10 Billion Wall

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Photo by Mani Albrecht/Public Domain


Drug smugglers are sawing through Trump's border wall using standard cordless power tools modified to cut steel.

President Donald Trump promised his supporters a “big, beautiful” wall along the southern U.S. border, ostensibly to keep out immigrants and “Make America Great Again.”

That wall is now in process, no thanks to Mexico, but the pesky drug smugglers Trump is trying diligently to defeat have already found a workaround — one that Salon noted is an “ancient foil of walls everywhere.”

Using power tools one could purchase at any hardware store, smugglers are sawing makeshift doors into the president’s steel barriers, and right now, there is little that Border Patrol can do about it.

The Washington Post reported that the smugglers are modifying the standard cordless power tools to enable sawing through the steel in minutes. “Border agents told the Post that after the smugglers slice through the barrier’s steel-and-concrete bollards, they are able to push the steel through,” Salon noted, “creating a passageway big enough to fit humans and drugs.”

“Because the bollards are so tall—and are attached only to a panel at the very top—their length makes them easier to push aside once they have been cut and are left dangling,” engineers told The Post. The smugglers then replace the cut out in order to avoid detection and preserve the opening for later use.

Some of the breaches have occurred in areas that have not yet been fitted with vibration-detecting sensors that alert authorities to intrusions. For now, Border Patrol agents “have taken to scanning for chinks in the wall and kicking it with their boots.”

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