Several GOP Groups Have Boosted Don Jr.’s Book Sales With Bulk Purchases



Donald Trump Jr.'s book dropped a spot this week, losing #1 to "A Warning," offering an unflattering take on his father.

Previous reports indicated that the Republican National Committee offered Donald Trump Jr. a boost in book sales by making a bulk purchase, but it turns out that several GOP groups have lent a helping hand.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that the RNC was joined by the National Republican Campaign Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Turning Point USA and at least five other groups in bulk-buying “Triggered,” helping the book soar to the New York Times Best-Seller list.

“The N.R.C.C. bought $75,000 worth of books in November,” The Times reported, and the N.R.S.C. picked up about 2,500 copies, selling out almost immediately it said.

Such purchases are not unusual, the newspaper noted, but what makes this case somewhat unique is the fact that Trump Jr. is not a candidate or politician — he “has sought to deflect criticism of his recent attacks on impeachment witnesses by asserting that he is merely a “private citizen” — and he is also the president’s son.

Regardless, Trump Jr.’s time at the top appears to have come to an end: “In the latest Times best-seller list, released on Wednesday night, Mr. Trump lost the top spot, dropping to No. 2 among nonfiction books.”

Topping the list this week was “‘A Warning,’ by an anonymous senior Trump administration official who depicts the president as unfit for office.”

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