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A group of service dogs attended a theater performance as part of their training. According to Fox KTVU, the show was a performance of “Billy Elliot” at a Canadian theater. The point of the training exercise was to make sure the service dogs would be able to go into a theater environment with their owners in the future.

"It's important to prepare the dogs for any activity the handler may like to attend," said Laura Mackenzie, owner of K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs.

The theater puts on “Relaxed Performances,” which the Stratford Festival twitter described as performances “designed to welcome patrons who will benefit from a less restricted audience environment. Patrons of all abilities are welcome, including but not limited to those with intellectual or learning disabilities, sensory processing conditions or autism.”

"They were all extremely well-behaved," Stratford Festival spokesperson Ann Swerdfager said. "I was in the lobby when they came in, then they took their seats, then got out of their seats at intermission and went back. All of the things we learn as humans when we start going to the theater."

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