Senior Trump Aide Apologizes After Promoting Video of Chainsaw-Wielding Racist

Mercedes Schlapp, senior aide to President Donald Trump.Screengrab / Fox News / YouTube


Mercedes Schlapp deleted her retweet showing video of a man running at protesters with a chainsaw using the n-word.

According to Mediaite, Mercedes Schlapp, a senior aide to President Donald Trump, apologized for her retweet showing “a man running at protesters with a chainsaw while screaming the n-word.”

  • Backlash followed Schlapp’s retweet of a post praising the video of a man chasing protestors with a chainsaw, screaming “Go home! Don’t let those f—–g n—— out there fool you!”

  • Schlapp told Fox News, “I retweeted without watching the full video and I deeply apologize.”

  • She continued: “I deleted the tweet. I would never knowingly promote the use of that word. The intent was that these protestors wanted to call the cops for their own safety despite them wanting to defund the cops.”

  • Schlapp retweeted another version that muted the racial slurs but deleted both posts after Politico reported on it.

Mercedes Schlapp is married to Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union.

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So the entire repugliKKKlan party is too stupid to take their videos off of mute and yes they also root for the monsters

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