Senior Homeland Security Adviser Was A Vocal Proponent Of Birtherism

Screengrab/Frank Wuco/YouTube

Frank Wuco also said that former President Barack Obama knew "nothing about the black American experience."

One of the senior advisers at the Department of Homeland Security had a conservative radio show prior to taking his position within the Trump administration, and a review of the tapes revealed conspiracy theories about former President Barack Obama's birth certificate, perceived racism against white people, a mocking and denigration of the LGBT community, and Islamaphobic beliefs.

According to CNN, Frank Wuco has served in his position at DHS since January, currently leads a team involved with enforcing President Donald Trump's executive orders, including the infamous travel ban.

Wuco, a retired naval intelligence officer, has previously come under media scrutiny for his hardline views on Islam. Wuco has said that violent extremism is in line with the teachings of mainstream Islam and has dressed up as a jihadist character named Fuad Wasul in videos to teach others about the dangers of Islam.

Along with questioning Obama's birthplace, Wuco accused the former president of knowing "nothing about the black American experience":

"And I find that disturbing that he has really gotten away with presenting himself as this representative of the black American community, when he grew up during his formative years in one of the best neighborhoods in Honolulu, Hawaii, in a mixed race neighborhood that consisted of whites, affluent Asian, and children of high-ranking military officers."

Colin Powell took a turn getting razed as well, as Wuco took issue with Powell's assertions about racism:

"Let's just stop right here and figuratively just slap this guy in the face for the stupid things he's saying," Wuco said of Powell. "Who the hell does this guy think he is? He is basically, he's accusing anybody who has ever pointed out that perhaps somebody is exhibiting lazy habits, or laze, or a lackadaisical attitude on a certain aspect of their discipline, their work discipline, or their intellectual discipline, or something, that if that person is black you cannot use the word lazy because it necessarily means that you're a racist."

And par for the far-right course, Wuco also mocked the LGBT community, with numerous broadcasts demeaning homosexuals and transgenders:

"There is no fairness in this issue," Wuco said, "In fairness—to me—you know, the burden now falls on the straight member of the military to be, you know, stable, steady, mature enough to handle the very likely possibility that that he is going to be the object of another man or a woman's desire while he is, you know, sharing you know, shower facilities."