Senator Calls Trump Legal Memo “Blueprint For Totalitarian Constitution Burning"

President Trump's lawyers argued for an extraordinarily broad interpretation of presidential powers.

A January letter from President Donald Trump’s legal team to special counsel Robert Mueller detailing the reasons they believe Trump cannot illegally obstruct justice is a “blueprint for totalitarian Constitution burning”, according to Senator Richard Blumenthal.

The Connecticut Democrat tweeted the comment in response to a weekend report by the New York Times, which obtained a copy of the letter.

Trump’s attorneys argued that as president, he has absolute authority over all federal investigations and is granted by the Constitution the power to, “if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon.”

“Every action that the president took was taken with full constitutional authority pursuant to Article II of the United States Constitution,” they wrote of the part of the Constitution that created the executive branch. “As such, these actions cannot constitute obstruction, whether viewed separately or even as a totality.”

The 20-page letter, written by former Trump attorneys John M. Dowd and Jay A. Sekulow, also argued that the president could not be compelled to sit for an interview with Mueller’s team.

“We are reminded of our duty to protect the president and his office,” the lawyers wrote, making their case that Mr. Mueller has the information he needs from tens of thousands of pages of documents they provided and testimony by other witnesses, obviating the necessity for a presidential interview.

“The president’s prime function as the chief executive ought not be hampered by requests for interview,” they wrote. “Having him testify demeans the office of the president before the world.”

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