Senate votes 51-49 to block witnesses in Trump Impeachment Trial

Dan Broadbent

The Senate voted 51-49 to block witnesses in Trump's Impeachment Trial.

The Senate has finally held their long-awaited vote on if they would allow witnesses, most notably John Bolton, to testify in the Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump. The Senate voted 51-49 to block additional witnesses from testifying.

As it stands currently, the president is now above the law. There is no way for Congress to have any type of legitimate oversight of the Executive Branch.

Ruth Marcus explains it simply in the Washington Post:

What will be left of the impeachment power after the Senate’s acquittal of President Trump? Not much.
What will be left of the Senate’s reputation as the world’s greatest deliberative body? Same answer.

Same scary answer.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said "It is striking that there is a national security adviser for President Trump, who is out there basically waving his hands saying, 'I would like to be subpoenaed' .... Even in that context, the Senate voted the way they did."

It speaks volumes without saying much at all.

While the final vote to acquit Trump will reportedly occur next Wednesday (and there's little doubt in how that vote will go), there's no doubt that Trump will exclaim he was "totally exonerated" at the State of the Union speech next Tuesday.

Keep in mind, Trump's team already admitted that he did what he was accused of.

Here are some reactions from others:


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