Senate Strips Bill Of Requirement That Campaigns Report Foreign Election Help

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The Republicans are holding out for more defense policy legislation in exchange for the amendment.

The Senate removed language from an intelligence bill in June that required presidential campaigns to report offers of foreign election help, according to a CNN report.

  • Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the language was removed as a condition to include the bill with must-pass defense legislation in what he called a "back-room deal.”
  • The Senate Intelligence Committee had approved an amendment requiring candidates to report the offers, but it was unlikely to pass on its own. Acting Senate Intelligence Chairman Marco Rubio (R-FL) predicted the amendment would be removed due to an objection from the Senate Rules Committee.
  • Warner was outraged by Republican efforts to remove the amendment.

"If my Republican colleagues want to strip this legislation out of the NDAA behind closed doors, then I'm going to offer it up as an amendment to force an up-or-down vote and put every member of this body on the record," Warner said on the Senate floor.

  • Republicans have consistently rejected Warner’s bill over the past year. 

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