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Charlie Anderson is a senior advisor to Colorado Senator Michael Bennet who covers tax/economy policy. He’s a former Obama-era White House advisor, and he has a lot to say on Twitterabout the state of our economy:

THREAD: As an economic staffer in Congress, I’m worried we’re about to watch a slow-motion train wreck.

More than 80,000 Americans are dead.

Unemployment is at Great Depression levels.

Yet, Congress appears prepared to massively undershoot what’s needed.

He continues the thread, spelling out his fears:

  • He sees “severe, lasting hardship” for millions of Americans. He outlines “brutal cutbacks” to health care, public education, public safety, transportation, and all the basic services we have enjoyed for a long time. He also foresees a lot of job loss being permanent as businesses fail for good.
  • He says in the midst of years of severe political divide and thousands upon thousands of deaths, we are at risk for a “societal breakdown”.
  • He says that figures like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and those like him will use people’s lives as “bargaining chips”. He says they cite the country's deficit, which is already “distant and uncertain”.
  • In the name of “cost concerns”, he says we are underfunding unemployment, housing, food assistance, and other vital programs.
  • He ends his 16 Twitter threads with a loss of words; “The cost of insufficient action is devastating. I don’t know what else to say.”

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