The Senate Intelligence Committee has confirmed that it has received former FBI Director James Comey’s memos according to Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.)

Mr. Comey’s memos contemporaneously recorded President Trump’s alleged attempts to interfere in the former FBI Director’s investigation of former National Security Michael Flynn.

Mr. Flynn was terminated by the Trump administration following reports that he had been compromised by the Russians.

Despite knowledge of him being compromised, the President allowed Mr. Flynn to continue working at the White House until a Washington Post story ran alleging Mr. Flynn had lied to Vice President Pence. Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Flynn had reportedly warned the Trump White House that Mr. Flynn was a target for blackmail during a meeting on January 26, 2017. Mr. Flynn continued working at the White House for another 18 days.

Following Mr. Flynn’s termination, the President allegedly asked Mr. Comey to drop the investigation into the former national security adviser.

Mr. Comey rejected the President’s requests.

The former FBI Director was then terminated in May ostensibly because the President was unhappy with how he handled the Clinton investigation (even though he had praised him for it previously).

The day after his termination, the President had Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in the Oval Office. He reportedly told them that firing Mr. Comey had lifted a great weight from his shoulder. In his conversation with the Russians, he referred to James Comey as a “nut job“.

Without the President’s knowledge, the former FBI Director wrote private memorandums papering his interactions with President Trump and members of the Trump Administration.

Following Mr. Comey’s termination, the President threatened the former lawman on Twitter, claiming that he had taped recordings of their conversations. In interviews following his tweet, the President referred to Mr. Comey as a “showboater” and smeared his reputation (he continues to).

In order to defend himself against the President’s claims, Mr. Comey transferred his private memorandums to his friend, Columbia Professor Dan Richman, who then selectively released portions of them to the press.

The publicity surrounding Mr. Comey’s notes of the President led to the Justice Dept. appointing former FBI Director Robert Mueller to act as special counsel for the Russia investigation. Ironically, Trump’s ham-fisted way of dealing with crises has created the greatest existential threat to his Presidency.

Mr. Mueller has allegedly already reviewed Mr. Comey’s memorandums relating to the President.


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