Secret Service Spent $250,000 At Trump Properties in First 5 Months of His Term


The U.S. Secret Service paid Trump’s company more than a quarter of a million dollars in the five months.

U.S. Secret Service records show that they paid more than $250,000 to President Trump’s private businesses in the first five months of his presidency, averaging nearly $2,000 per day, according to The Washington Post.  

Trump found himself in an extraordinary position to personally advance himself when he kept ownership of his businesses. He then proceeded to visit them repeatedly, bringing aides and security officials along while charging the government for their expenses.

Documents obtained by the group Property of the People list the name of the Trump property that received the payments and the dates of the purchases. 

On April 2, 2017, Trump played golf at his club in suburban Virginia, a short drive from the White House, and records detail that the Secret Service made five separate payments to “Trump National Golf Club” and totaled $26,802.

The Washington Post noted that Secret Service agents typically spend multiple days preparing for the president’s visit, even if it isn’t the president’s first time going there, but discrepancies lie in the fine details. It’s unclear how the Secret Service would be able to do this at Trump properties that have little to no overnight accommodations, such as the Virginia golf course. 

The executive director of Property of the People, Ryan Shapiro, said the figures demonstrated that “Donald Trump views the American public as a bunch of marks waiting to be fleeced. Due to his overt self-dealing and refusal to divest from his sprawling business empire, Donald Trump has turned the American presidency into a racket.”

The records released Thursday, however, only account for the first five months of Trump’s term, during which he made 21 visits to Trump properties. Since then, Trump has made more than 100 visits to his own properties. Those records have not yet been released. 

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