Second Utah Republican Caught Soliciting A Prostitute

(Washington County Sheriff's Office via AP)

Within one week, two Utah Republicans found themselves caught up in allegations involving prostitutes.

Another Utah Republican is facing allegations of soliciting a prostitute, just one week after state Rep. Jon Stanard stepped down amidst similar allegations.

Iron County Republican Party Treasurer Blake Cozzens was arrested Tuesday after paying $100 for sex acts he discussed in text messages with a confidential informant, according to court documents.

Once Cozzens, 28, handed over the money, investigators arrested him, according to court documents. He is one of five people arrested in the St. George sting, in which investigators posted ads posing as female prostitutes to lure would-be patrons, the Spectrum newspaper reported.

State Rep. Jon Stanard resigned his post on February 6 after allegations surfaced that he had used taxpayer monies for two hotel stays with a prostitute:

After the British newspaper the Daily Mail reported allegations Thursday that Republican Rep. Jon Stanard twice hired a prostitute in 2017, House and state elections officials said they were checking to see if taxpayer or campaign money was used for the hotel stays that the report alleges Stanard booked.