Sebastian Gorka Joins Far-Right Online News Magazine

Screengrab/Democracy Now!/YouTube

Sebastian Gorka is an apologist for a group of Hungarians who collaborated with Adolf Hitler in World War II.

Former Trump administration aide Sebastian Gorka has found a new home since leaving President Donald Trump's White House. Gorka, whose connection to the far-right Hungarian group Vitézi Rend was exposed last year, has joined a far-right Canadian publication know affectionately as "Breitbart North".

The Rebel, often referred to as “Breitbart North,” has been accused of publishing anti-Semitic content. The website last year published a video titled “Ten Things I Hate About Jews.” The video was later retitled. The site’s owner, Ezra Levant, is Jewish.

“Fasten your seatbelts,” The Rebel wrote in its headline announcing Gorka’s hiring.

Gorka's history with Breitbart prepares him well for the new position, as The Rebel appears to have moved in a similar direction:

The Rebel’s co-founder, Brian Lilley resigned last August over what he described as the website’s close ties to the “alt-right” and its coverage of white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia. Levant denied that his website was affiliated with the alt-right.

And the former counter-terrorism adviser's ties to Vitézi Rend - a Nazi-linked group - make his move to a reportedly antisemitic publication understandable.

Today, the organization presents itself as a “conservative, right-wing” group independent of party politics. But some of the organization’s newer members also openly embrace racist and anti-Semitic views. Footage on YouTube of a 2012 swearing-in ceremony of new members reveals Zsolt Bayer, a publicist and writer known as one of Hungary’s most outspoken anti-Semites, being initiated as a member.