Sebastian Gorka Has Been Reduced To Selling Gold Coins On The Internet

Sebastian GorkaScreengrab / Fox News / Youtube

Gorka, a former Fox News contributor and White House 'analyst', now sells gold coins on the internet.

Sebastian Gorka, once a Fox News contributor, has now been reduced to selling gold coins on the internet with Midas Gold Group, which proudly claims to be “the only precious metals company endorsed by Dr. Sebastian Gorka.”

Gorka joined Fox in November 2017. In January 2019, he began hosting a daily radio show called America First With Dr. Sebastian Gorka. The show was played on the conservative Salem Radio Network.

In March 2019, he left Fox. "I decided not to renew my contract since I have a new nationally syndicated radio show and a position with Sinclair TV which obviated a new arrangement with FNC," he said in an email.

Gorka is now selling gold coins via the internet. The Midas Gold Group website claims that: “Midas Gold Group offers sound diversification strategies with tangible private wealth such as physical gold and silver. Our clients come to us for economic analysis and sound strategies. We put you first and our advice is based on your needs, not commissions.”

Gorka is also a proud fascist. In January 2017, Gorka attended the president’s Inaugural Ball wearing the honorary medal of Vitezi Rend, a Hungarian nationalist organization. NBC News reported that Vitezi Rend has historical links to Nazi Germany.

"When he appeared on U.S. television ... with the medal of the Vitez Order ... it made me really proud," Vitezi Rend spokesman Andras Horvath said.