Sebastian Gorka Chides Justin Trudeau, Claims He’s Childish And Unprofessional

Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka said the Canadian prime minister was "childish" and "unprofessional".

After several days of President Donald Trump pouncing on American allies over trade, former White House aide Sebastian Gorka said Monday that it is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who does not know how to treat allies as friends.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy asked Gorka what he thought of the prime minister after Trudeau “got out on television and shot off his mouth, and the president was steamed because it made him look weak”.

“Very disappointed, really childish and unprofessional behavior,” Gorka responded. “If you want to treat your friends like friends, that's exactly what you do.”

Trump indicated via Twitter that he was displeased with Trudeau’s comments at the summit saying Canada found the U.S. tariffs “insulting” and that the country “will not be pushed around”.

But as political scientist Ian Bremmer noted on CBS This Morning, Trudeau said nothing new:

“Nothing that he hadn’t said already,” Bremmer said. “Trudeau was careful not to insult the president personally. He did say that the Canadians were not going to just sit and take it, in terms of the American tariffs, that there would be retaliation. [That’s] exactly what he had said on ‘Meet the Press’ the week before and in other public statements.”

Still, Gorka said, “You don't make arrangements face to face, and then as soon as the individual's left the building, talk behind their back.”

“The Canadians will regret this action by their prime minister. It's just unseemly. It's not how you treat your fellow allies.”

Watch Gorka’s remarks above.